Priest's Precious Poems (Digital Download)

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Rare collection of tracks by the man himself, available as a digital download (MP3 files), compatible with iTunes and other media players.

Track Listing:

  1. Rock Itis (Rock Eye Lids)
  2. Devil's Eyes
  3. Take Me To The Country
  4. Talk To Me
  5. Jealousy
  6. Surf - O - Matic
  7. That's How I Like It
  8. Talk To Me
  9. My Little Angel (feat. Marco Delmar)
  10. Main Street (feat. Marco Delmar)
  11. She Can Look Right Through Me (feat. Marco Delmar)
  12. Little Angel (feat. David Arkenstone)
  13. Sweet Dream (feat. David Arkenstone)
  14. Living For The Night (feat. David Arkenstone)
  15. You Don't Want Me No More (feat. David Arkenstone)
  16. 1972 BBC Radio Interview
  17. We All Love Tiny Tim (Peter Pan & Wendy)
  18. Klsx Classic Cuts
  19. Another Dust Bites The One

Please note that the tracks “Last Time You Saw Me” and “The Shimmering Axe” are not currently available are not included in this set.

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